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Powered by a bunch of super-zealous marketing experts who will leave no stone unturned and no opportunity untested to drive your success, MINTdfUEL is an end-to-end digital marketing and tech solutions agency for all your products and services. The team speaks your language and understands the depth of your business. The company has a cool and fun combination of business strategy, product development, marketing and technology expertise blended with lots of visual doodling, café conversations, meet-ups and more!

From proven, multi-channel, online marketing programs to complete corporate branding and marketing we have the skills and experience to make things happen, at an accelerated pace.


We offer proven, performance-based online marketing strategies and tactics that start delivering results right away while building profitable customer relationships that add real equity over time.

No matter your trade or experience with digital marketing, our team at MINTdFUEL is prepared to walk you through every step of the process until you see tangible results. Just close collaboration and clear communication until, together, we get it right. Take a few moments to explore our services – then get in touch with us. We like spreading happiness with our work.

10% of all profits go toward our giving campaign through The Edit Foundation.

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Executive Founder

Anu Gopalakrishnan

With a bit of east and west in her DNA, Anu Gopalakrishnan (pronounced go-pa-la-Krish-n-an) comes with years of experience building brands and business tech communities across the globe. Anu is a media strategist a practical and progressive design strategist. She believes in growing communities with honesty and authenticity. She leads engagement with the right tools, people, experiences, and resources. She’s used her talents in various industries, from Ford Motor Co. to Sirius XM, the AAA (The Auto Club Group), and more. She was exemplary at executing projects focused on digital transformation and tech innovation. As part of Developers Alliance - a non-profit tech advocacy group, Anu is heading Developer and Partner Relations – bringing voices of the global dev community together as she plans to roll out advocacy initiatives, build new partners and enhance member engagement. Anu is a freelance storyboard artist who creates powerful storyboards for people who want to do good outside of work.

She also donates her time on the boards of Cleary University (Howell, MI) Mai Family Services (South Asian DV agency). She is the Executive Producer and Tech Labs Curator for TEDx Detroit. After 15 years of broadcasting, it has become an acquired gene for Anu. She currently hosts her radio show Rockin’ Raaga where she shares stories and South Asian music with the mainstream community. Anu uses these platforms to voice unheard stories and social issues.

Driven by the self, motivated by inner cosmic consciousness, Anu loves exploring new themes and developing contemporary parallels in and around the world she exists. Anu hopes to one day write a mystical thriller about transcending the boundaries of the rational world.

If you have a project or product that needs some life, energy by design, connect with Anu!

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